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Leading in Innovative Design

Harding Software is an all-inclusive business modernization firm that designs everything from iOS and Android Apps to websites.

Pixel Perfect Design

Harding Software prides itself in providing modern and simplistic design that can easily be picked up and used by anyone.

Complete Coverage

Our company offers end-to-end services, providing apps and webites for all mobile devices (Android and iOS) and computers, ensuring a complete experience for your customers.

Your Privacy

Providing a variety of online services, privacy and security are our top concerns.

Quick And Personal

For those who want it done their way, Harding Software provides one on one sessions to ensure the perfect design.

Reasons to choose us?

We offer the best one on one design.

Our portfolio

Check out our best work.


A Custom built ride-sharing application designed for Uber and Lyft drivers looking to build a fleet. Designed for worldwide usage, featuring Chinese, French, English, and Spanish language options. Currently available on the App Store (as youDrive).

Swap Revive

The best way to revive your closet, Revive allows you to match with others in your area and set up swaps to exchange clothes! The best way to save money, the planet, and also get new clothes!


An innovative social network designed to improve campus saftey and student health at Villanova University. Currently Available on the App Store.


Wher is the best way to see the Lyft driver's around you. No longer is there any confusion as to where a Lyft may be- using Apple's AR technologies, Wher allows you to look around and truly see the drivers around you, as well as your destination.

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If you have any questions about our past work, current operations, or are looking to have an app developed, feel free to contact us.
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